Kafka movie plot

2022-04-11 08:01
Kafka is a famous master of Expressionism in the 20th century . This film uses him as the hero, but it is not a serious biopic, but a rather unique political thriller based on a bizarre encounter in his youth. At the time, Kafka was a small clerk in an insurance company. Although he had received acclaim for his book "Transformation", he was still withdrawn and introverted and did not interact with colleagues. One day, the only colleague who had close contact with him died unexpectedly. His fiancée couldn't accept the police's claim that it was suicide, so she asked Kafka to help find out the truth. Since both of them are anarchist revolutionaries, the group asks Kafka to join the group and help write the leaflet. Kafka refuses and gets caught in the center of the maelstrom, where he discovers the horrific truth. 
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  • Amelia 2022-04-21 09:03:53

    Nervous. nice. Love BGM. The full version is available on YouTube: http://youtu.be/i_MmwyazJBk

  • Valentin 2022-04-11 08:01:01

    When I read every novel, every page and every line, no matter how bizarre the plot is, a colorful picture will be projected in my mind. Only when reading Kafka, it is always black and white, and it is always a silent film. No matter how long the dialogue is and then the fragments are separated, it seems like a white horse has passed through the gap, and it is only a matter of time. I don't know if I understand Kafka, but I vaguely think Soderbergh does. When can I see Kafka in color too?

Kafka quotes

  • Burgel: [sarcastically, as Franz shows up for work] But Kafka, you're... on time!

  • Chief Clerk: Kafka... I understand you fancy yourself as a writer.

    Franz Kafka: [shrugs] In a small way.

    Chief Clerk: You should find a more... athletic hobby. Put some color in your cheeks.

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