Once Upon a Time in China II Shooting Process

2022-04-11 08:01
In the "Once Upon a Time Series" with fists and feet as the most important performance, the martial arts director has become a heavyweight in the crew, and the "wuzhi" battle in it also reflects Hark Tsui's intention and style. Hark Tsui first hired brothers Chia-Liang Liu and Liu Jiarong when filming "Once Upon a Time" . Liu Zhan, the father of Chia-Liang Liu, is a disciple of Pork Rong , so he can be regarded as the true successor of Huang Feihong. But the cooperation between the two was not pleasant, because Chia-Liang Liu advocates real swords, real guns and real kung fu, and insists on this concept. Hark Tsui doesn't need Wong Fei-hung to be a "traditional martial artist", he wants him to be a "naughty boy" who is handsome and handsome in every move. Hark Tsui wanted Huang Feihong to jump up and kick "Shadowless Foot", Chia-Liang Liu was very disdainful and said, "If such a movie is released, our 100,000 disciples of Hongquan will die of laughter." Hark Tsui disagreed, "My The film is made for the whole world to see." He did not want to make a biopic of Huang Feihong, but borrowed this character to express his ideals.
Because of the great differences in the creative concept, Hark Tsui had to hire another "Wu Zhi", so Yuan Changren was replaced , but Yuan Changren's movements did not meet Hark Tsui's standards, so Yuan Changren had to ask his brother Woo Ping Yuen for help, and the film was finally completed. The martial arts movements designed by Woo Ping Yuen have a strong sense of rhythm, and they also fit the imagination of Hark Tsui's "imaginative and unrestrained". 
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  • Clementine 2022-04-11 09:01:07

    Now it seems to be a really powerful movie. The image of Jet Li and Huang Feihong is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the dramatic conflicts in each link are very full.

  • Kiarra 2022-04-12 09:01:11

    The early martial arts movies are pretty good, especially like Jet Li's bodyguard in Zhongnanhai

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