Once Upon a Time in China II movie plot

2022-04-11 08:01
At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the handover of Hua and Yang in the Guangdong area, and heroes from all walks of life rose up. Huang Feihong went to Guangzhou with his thirteenth aunt and Liang Kuan to attend a medical conference. He was confronted by the White Lotus Religion. He used the slogan of "help the Qing and destroy the foreigners" to confuse the public. He used national sentiment to deal with foreigners, and disrupted foreigners' sites such as embassies and churches. The primary school students studying in the foreign school were not spared either. It turned out that Nalan Yuanshu, a minister of the Manchu Qing Dynasty, shielded him and used it to deal with the revolutionary party. Huang Feihong described the principles of traditional Chinese medicine at an international medical conference, and Sun Wen volunteered to translate it, and the two hit it off. Wong Fei-hung found that they were more visionary in saving the country. Nalan Yuanshu's pursuit of revolutionary fighters coincided with Sun Wen, Lu Haodong and others hiding in the British consulate. Nalan Yuanshu used the White Lotus Sect to break into the consulate and wreak havoc. Huang Feihong decided to help them escape their bad luck, so he went straight to the White Lotus Sect to save Sun Wen and Lu Haodong, and fought Nalan Yuanshu to the death. 
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