Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life evaluation action

2022-04-12 08:01
Serge Gainsbourg, vie héroïque is an ambitious and daring work in French cinema. With many biographical films in front of Zhuyu, it would undoubtedly be considered insincere to simply recreate the lives of famous people, especially a character like Gainsbourg, whose various romantic affairs It has long been known to the audience, and its subject matter itself has lost its freshness. But unexpectedly, Joann Sfar, a cartoonist who has just entered the film industry, has found a new way for the flood of biographical films with his own imagination and highly personal views.
In a way, Serge Gainsbourg is more of a feature film than a biopic, eschewing the linearity of traditional biopics. The film depicts more of the director's imaginary Gainsbourg. The director hopes to restore the spirit, not just old things.
Eric Elmosnino brought Gainsbourg to life on screen with a superb performance. Shi Fa, who directed the film for the first time, boldly added imaginative comic-style plots to the film. Laetitia Casta brings sex icon Brigitte Bardot to life.  
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Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life quotes

  • Lucien Ginsburg: When I go out, it's to meet up with women. How else do think I was able to draw cunt hair?

  • Serge Gainsbourg: [about the Jamaicans in the studio] Why do they look so fucking miserable?

    Le Producteur Musique de Gainsbourg: They want to know what you're going to play. I don't know what to tell them about your sexual songs.

    Serge Gainsbourg: Why? They don't fuck?

    Le Producteur Musique de Gainsbourg: They don't mess around with reggae. To them, it's sacred music.

    Serge Gainsbourg: Then tell them we'll sing La Marseillaise.

    Le Producteur Musique de Gainsbourg: How do I explain that?

    Serge Gainsbourg: [to the Jamaicans in English] It's a French war song.

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