Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story movie plot

2022-04-14 08:01
In 1987 Dr. Ben Carson traveled to Germany to meet a couple (Peter and Augusta Rausch) who had a pair of conjoined twins whose brains were joined at the back . Ben Carson believes the two babies can be separated surgically, but the risk is so great that one or both could be lost. After explaining the risks to his family, Ben Carson agreed to surgery to separate the conjoined twins .
Ben Carson spent four months researching research and developing a detailed surgical plan to increase the chances of success. The movie cuts to Detroit in Michigan in 1961 , when Ben Carson was only 11 years old and had poor grades in school. His single mother Sonya (Sonia), although only in the third grade of primary school, felt that her son's grades must be changed. She asked him and his brother Curtis to memorize the multiplication table together, and went to the psychiatric hospital for antidepressant treatment without telling his two sons. However, she often finds them both watching TV when she comes home, so she asks them to watch only two shows a week, sends them to the library and asks to write a reading report. In fact, the mother had to hide the fact that she was illiterate.
The brothers were quickly attracted by the world in the book, and learned a lot from it. After a year, Ben's grades also changed from the reciprocal number in the class to a positive number. However, Ben began to have a violent temper in high school and began to be unfriendly to friends who disagreed with him. In the end, he took the knife and stabbed the other side, but luckily the knife stabbed the belt buckle without causing serious injury. When he failed, he immediately realized his mistake and ran back home to cry to God, hoping to get rid of his violent temper. This experience changed Ben forever.
He was admitted to Yale University with hard work and firm goals . During his college years, he won many scholarships and won the heart of Candy Rustin, whose support allowed Ben to graduate from Yale University. Majoring in neurosurgery, he got a job at Johns Hopkins Hospital , the teaching and research hospital of The Johns Hopkins University . During his tenure, he encountered a difficult choice that could end his medical career - a patient needed urgent surgery, and the doctor authorized to perform the operation was not in the hospital, either without authorization and without supervision. Perform surgery, or let the patient die of the disease. In the end, he performed the operation and successfully saved the patient's life.
In 1985, Ben performed a rare operation - a hemisphere removal, which finally saved a four-year-old girl from suffering hundreds of convulsions a day. This operation also made Ben famous. After that, the mother moved to Maryland to live with Ben and Candy. Soon after, Candy, who was pregnant, was sent to the operating room with pain in the middle of the night, and the twins she was pregnant with eventually did not see the world. The experience of losing a child made Ben feel once again how precious life is.
Time finally came again in 1987. Ben Carson took over the separation operation of conjoined twins. He racked his brains to study the difficulty for four months, but he couldn't understand it, and he felt a little lost. And the mother, who knew her son very well, saw what was on Ben's mind, and what she said made Ben feel great comfort. In the end, Ben inadvertently thought of a solution to the difficulty, and finally successfully saved two fresh lives. 
One of the highlights of the film is the success of the mother's education. One of the two brothers became an engineer and the other became a doctor.
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  • Loyal 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    So parents are very important

  • Ena 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    Genius is not born, as long as you work hard what others can do, you can also do it, and you will do it better.

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story quotes

  • Sonya Carson: I didn't say they weren't expensive clothes. I said they're cheap. Most folks that wear cheap clothes on the outside are dead on the inside. The folks I work for, they buy clothes that last. That's what I try to get you.

  • Sonya Carson: I always said, you can do anything anyone else can do, only you can do it better.

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