Gangster No. 1 movie plot

2022-03-18 08:01
London has its sleek and bright side, and of course its dark and blood-stained parts. The grievances and grievances between the gangsters are what makes the sky in London red. Freddy is the big brother in London, and other gangs will nod and bow when they see him; follow him to ensure that the food is delicious and spicy, and the walk is windy. A young hooligan is lucky to be his apprentice. No, he shouldn't be called a hooligan, because the decorations of the elder brother's house are all high-end European goods, and they are wearing high-quality Italian suits. ? However, after the eldest brother has a woman, he ignores the existence of the younger brother. How can this be done? So, when someone plots to kill the elder brother, the younger brother will join in; after all, if he can't continue to gain favor, wouldn't it be faster to replace it directly? Of course, this comes at a price.
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  • Daphney 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    i am number fucking one!!!

  • Marcelina 2022-04-23 07:05:28

    look at my eyes, i am number one, king funking kong! ! !

Gangster No. 1 quotes

  • [Young Gangster and Roland are at the door]

    Eddie Miller: Who is it?

    Young Gangster: It's the big bad wolf.

  • [last lines]


    Gangster 55: One day I'll catch up with you. You want a war? I'll give you a fucking war one arm tied behind me back. I'll shoot you - blow you to kingdom come. They'll need a dustpan and brush to scrape you off the walls. Make mincemeat out of ya. Pie and mash, puddles of blood. I'll leave you lying there. Go rot, the lot of you. Calling me a cunt?

    Young Gangster: Calling me a cunt? You calling me a cunt? You cunt. I'll fucking kick you. I'll kick fuck out of ya. I'll kick you to- fuck you. F... Fuck you!

    Gangster 55: Rip your face off. I'll fucking... I'll, I'll fucking... burn ya.

    [scene shifts from apartment to rooftop - voiceover continues]

    Gangster 55: Freddie Mays. Freddie Mays! I don't need ya, Freddie. Who am I?

    Gangster 55: [shouting out loud] I'm Superman! King fucking Kong! I can pick you up and throw you a million miles. I'm number one. Number fucking one. I'm number one. Number fucking one. Number one! Number one! Number one!

    [scene flashes back and forth between the rooftop and the night of Lennie's murder]

    Young Gangster: [screaming] Aaaarrrrhhhh!

    Gangster 55: Number one! Number one! Number one! One One One One! Number fucking one! I'm number one.

    Young Gangster: Fuck you!

    Lennie Taylor: [sound of gunshot] Ahhhh! Oh God!

    Gangster 55: Number one.

    [song "The Good Life" begins as scene fades out]

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