The Son's Room movie plot

2022-03-18 08:01
Giovannilives in a small town in northern Italy. He has a happy family with his loving wife Paula, a shy, seventeen-year-old son Andreaand a happy daughter Irene. Giovanni is a psychiatrist, and every day in the consultation room next to the apartment, patients have to talk to him about the mental illness and mental anguish that they are tormented by. In contrast, his own life was peaceful and happy, with only minor disturbances from time to time.
One day, the school's principal called to say that Andre had stolen an expensive shell at the school, and although the student who complained quickly retracted his complaint, Giovanni was still suspicious of his son. Sure enough, Andrei soon confided to his mother that he and a friend stole the shell, and the original intention was just to make fun of the principal.
Finally one day, this beautiful day was shattered. One Sunday morning, Giovanni got an emergency call from a patient, and he had to change his plans for a morning run with Andre. Andrei had to go diving with friends, but he never came back. The whole family was plunged into despair, and Giovanni kept berating himself, if he had rejected the patient that morning, perhaps life would not have been like this. 
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  • Hope 2022-03-18 08:01:01

    You're lucky not to read Moretti because you haven't experienced a family falling apart. It is also lucky to understand Moretti, because you will find that there are people in the world who can understand you 100%. The film manual calls the universality of private films. "The Son's Room" is full of all kinds of details that are as vivid as color photos, and the five flavors are extremely moving. Soundtrack! Soundtrack! Soundtrack! Important things said three times!

  • Jannie 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Very peaceful plot, like life. When the father heard the song that his son liked in the past, the paragraph was as plain as water, but he had to be moved.

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