Quarantine 2: Terminal movie plot

2022-06-24 19:09
In Part 1 of Quarantine, an apartment in Los Angeles is quarantined by the CDC ( center for disease control and prevention ). The frightened and trapped residents in the building have turned into crazy murderers (zombies) due to a deadly mutated virus. And in the sequel, an outbound flight to Nashville with passengers will depart from Los Angeles later that day.
Suddenly a passenger develops a sudden illness from a mysterious rabies, like an unknown virus. The flight made an emergency landing at an airport in a big city. Jenny (Mercedes Masohn, CBS "River of Life"), a heroic, fledgling, inexperienced flight attendant, quickly realizes that it is her duty and duty to ensure the safety of every passenger on board   .
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Quarantine 2: Terminal quotes

  • Ralph: Stop the plane. Let me off!

  • Nial: [finding his gun] The world's a dangerous place, amigo. I never leave home without it. Besides, from what I've seen here tonight, these things should be required on airplanes. Like seat belts.