Meek's Cutoff movie plot

2022-06-27 18:34
In 1845, early in the Great Western Migration, three families hire a mountain-savvy man named Steven Meekto guide a group of immigrants in an attempt to climb the mountain and find a new home. Mick, claiming he knew a shortcut, led the group into a remote trail in a vast desert, where they were unfortunately lost and trapped. As the days passed, the immigrants faced hunger, water shortages, and distrust of each other out of their survival instinct. This group of distrustful people grows more agitated as a patrol of natives crosses their path, confronted with a guide who has proven to be untrustworthy, and some that seem more dangerous people, who should they trust, and how should they choose. 
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Meek's Cutoff quotes

  • Emily Tetherow: You don't know much about women, do you Stephen Meek?

    Stephen Meek: Well, I, I know somethin' or other.

    Emily Tetherow: If you say so.

    Stephen Meek: Well, I know women are different from men. I know that much. Well, I'll tell you the difference if you care to hear.

    Emily Tetherow: I don't doubt you will.

    Stephen Meek: Women, women are created on the principle of chaos. The chaos of creation, disorder, bringing new things into the world. Men are created on the principle of destruction. It's like cleansing, ordering, destruction.

  • [last lines]

    Stephen Meek: I'm taking my orders from you now, Mr. Tetherow. Miss Tetherow. And we're all taking our orders from him, I'd say.

    [about the Indian walking ahead]

    Stephen Meek: We're all just playing our parts now. This was written long before we got here. I'm at your command.

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