Gloomy Sunday evaluation action

2022-07-13 20:13
The movie is densely intertwined with many romantic elements. The images are beautiful and nostalgic. The opening music is led by the piano and the orchestra brings out a wonderful theme melody. The ups and downs of people and love in the ruthless torrent of the great era give the listeners a strong and inexplicable moving and shocking heart.  
The picture of the film is very clean, and the warm halo reveals the atmosphere of nostalgia and reminiscence, which is beautiful and nostalgic; but it seems to be the prelude to an epic. The end of the ringing, but looking at the end of the world, the regret of the people who have not returned, will be an epic love song that should be magnificent, the love and hatred of children in troubled times, the turmoil and the loss of the soul, the nobility or wretchedness of human nature, Obviously there are a lot of expectations, but I am in a hurry to finish it. To this extent, it is a waste of the story after all.  
The film focuses on Ilona's "consumability", and the carefully woven Budapest style is moving and sad, exuding a charming and rich flavor; as far as the film itself is concerned, the subject matter is extremely excavating, which makes people look forward to it. , it is a pity that the large section of the three-person relationship and friendship lacks an emotional rationality and philosophical depth, and in the more worthy of writing relationship between the Germans and the Hungarians in the context of World War II, there is almost no trace of resistance. Constantly disappointing.  
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  • László: Everyone would like it all: something for the body, something for the soul. Something that fills you up, something that makes you hungry.

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