Gloomy Sunday movie plot

2022-07-13 22:17
In the Hungarian capital of Budapest in the late 1930s, Restaurant Szabó, located in a quiet alley, isfor its thin meat rolls, and the Jewish owner of the restaurant, Lasiloudashing . , kind and slightly philistine, he and the beautiful and charming waitress Ilona, who works there, hire the handsome and melancholy pianist Andracheto play in the shop, and Andrache loves On Ilona, ​​and Ilona also has a good impression of him, and at the same time maintains a relationship beyond ordinary friends with Racilou. These two people don't seem to care, and under their mutual accommodation, the three develop an abnormal but contented love triangle, and can maintain an ambiguous balance. The young and talented Andrach wrote a poignant song "Melancholy Sunday" for Ilona's birthday. This piano piece not only opens the hearts of the listeners, but also deeply penetrates the hearts of those who know her. On the occasion of the restaurant's premiere, Hans, a young German businessman who is attracted by the song, suddenly appears. He proposed to her, but after being rejected, he jumped into the Danube and committed suicide. Unfortunately, he was rescued by Racilou. The German army occupied Budapest during the war, and Hans, who later returned to the city from Germany, became a senior officer of the SS. This life-and-kill ruler destroyed the delicate feelings between the three, and the pianist Andrache also committed suicide. Hans eventually sent the owner of the restaurant, Lacylo, to a concentration camp. After a lapse of decades, Hans revisited the restaurant where Ilona and her son also played "Black Sunday" and poisoned him. 
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Gloomy Sunday quotes

  • László: Everyone would like it all: something for the body, something for the soul. Something that fills you up, something that makes you hungry.

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