Song to Song movie plot

2022-03-30 08:01
Aspiring musician BVseeks fame by working with a super-producer, Cook, who has an assistant and girlfriend Faye, but the relationship is casual, And Cook enjoyed it at first, until BV stepped in. And Faye and BV's underground relationship eventually led to various problems between the three, both public and private. In order to get out of this painful triangle, BV has an appointment with a rich second-generation female Amanda, while Faye chooses a lesbian Zoey, and Cook also earnestly. Found a wife, Rhonda, and settled down for her. But what happened between the three still caused all kinds of psychological shadows in their relationship with the current one. BV and Faye began to think of each other, thinking that they were true love, and if it was too late, they would give each other a chance   .
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  • Maureen 2022-04-02 09:01:17

    Some people come and go in their lives, and some people come and go in their hearts and never leave. Kindness has a heart, mercy has a face, love has a human form, and peace has a human skin. People who are trapped in love try to explain with singing that they like the sexual fetish of many people, the body fragrance of the same sex, and the charm of old age, and their emotions have long been entangled in their muttering. After the reunion, have we seen each other? Forgive the impulsiveness of the year, and love is lonely after the gorgeous fireworks.

  • Frederic 2022-03-31 09:01:10

    It's hard to see me sitting in a hundred different positions in the cinema. If it weren't for the background music and the color of the shots I'd be really impatient. Ronney's paralyzed face and unsightly voice are killing me.

Song to Song quotes

  • Faye: I never knew I had a soul. The very word embarrassed me

  • Faye: It was like a new paradise. Forgiveness.

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