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2022-07-18 17:38
The Chilean film, instead of emphasizing the particular context of the country's history and politics, flatly tells a story of universal significance. This is not just a love, it is more about the triviality, helplessness, hope and loss, persistence and abandonment of everyone in life. Gloria lacks the most basic effective communication with her son and daughter, just because blood keeps each other connected, but they all seem to be acting out family affection. This is actually a typical sample of modern family relations   .
Comedy, tragedy, social drama, this movie is rich and satisfying   .
The story of "Gloria" is not complicated. In short, it is the second spring of an old woman who still has the charm. The director has the ability to lift weights lightly, and he took the seemingly unimportant plots such as daily life and dating scenes in a few strokes   .
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  • Rodolfo: If I were a peach, you would be a tree. And if you were a tree, I would be its sap, flowing through your branches like blood. And if I were blood, I would live in your heart...

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