Gloria movie plot

2022-07-18 11:15
Gloriais a divorced woman, 58 years old. Her children have all left home and are living on their own. Gloria doesn't want to face the lonely days and nights alone, so she is keen to attend all kinds of parties, hoping to find some love and desire in this bachelor party. But party after party ended with only greater loneliness, boredom and emptiness.
At a party, she runs into Rodelphie, a former naval officer. Rodelford was seven years her senior, suave and well-spoken. This time, Gloria felt that the romance was burning in her heart, and she began to fantasize about a lifelong relationship with Rodelphie. But this seemingly romantic encounter is a challenge for Gloria, because in the process of getting along with Rodelphie, she has to face her dark and secret past all the time   .
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  • Rodolfo: If I were a peach, you would be a tree. And if you were a tree, I would be its sap, flowing through your branches like blood. And if I were blood, I would live in your heart...

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