God Help the Girl movie plot

2022-07-19 13:55
In a hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, young girl Eveis being treated for emotional problems. To relieve the pressure, she began to write songs, and this hobby that she learned by accident has become her driving force. Through songwriting, she meets struggling musicians Jamesand Kathy, both at a fork in their lives. The three formed a band and spent a long, dreamy and splendid Scottish summer amid the brisk rhythm and ignorant love   .
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God Help the Girl quotes

  • Cassie: [resting on the river bank] We're definitely a band now.

    Eve: Why are we a band now?

    Cassie: This is something only a band would do. This is band shit. Day trips, canoeing, kayaking.

    Eve: What do you think, James?

    James: I think we are three people paddling a boat, that's all.

    Eve: So what makes a band then?

    James: You don't make a band, a band makes you. It comes up and sweeps you along.

  • Cassie: So, is the band going to have a name?

    James: Oh, no, not a name conversation.

    Cassie: Why not a name conversation?

    James: Don't you think it's stupid just to give yourself a name just because you sing songs?

    Eve: What, so the Beatles were stupid?

    James: Well, they were kind of stupid if they actually stopped to think about it.

    Cassie: You definitely think too much. You think the fun out of things.

    James: I mean, I... I'm a lifeguard, I work at a pool with three other guys. We didn't give ourselves a name.

    Cassie: What, like the Lifeboys or something? That's pretty good.

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