Good Behavior movie plot

2022-04-17 08:01
Letty (Michelle Dockery Michelle Dockery) takes drugs and alcohol, and ruins her life. Not only that, but she also gives birth to a child who is destined to not be loved by her father, who is handed over to her mother Estelle (Louis). West Asia Strus Lusia Strus ornaments) to take care of. Although she became a mother, Letty's style remained unchanged, and eventually caused a lot of trouble and sent herself to the classroom.
After being granted parole, Letty's parole officer Kristin (Terry Kinney) helped Letty find a job as a waitress, hoping that she could reform herself and support her children with her hands and labor. Not at all Letty's style of life, and soon Letty lost her job and went back to crime. In an accident, Letty accidentally learned about the assassination plan of the killer Javier (Juan Diego Botto). Involved in the abyss of eternal doom. 
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