Minority Report movie plot

2022-10-22 20:48
In Washington in 2054, the human judicial system has "evolved" to the point where it can predict crimes and arrest criminals who are about to commit crimes before they happen! This ability to "predict crime" benefits from the development of a "psychological technology", such as the ability of computers to display the most secret thoughts of human beings. A Washington, D.C. police officer Jean Anderton has been using this psychological technology as a legal weapon to arrest criminals, never questioning the system, but one day he was suddenly wanted as a criminal who was "willing to commit a crime"! The hunter suddenly becomes the prey, and Anderton has no choice but to flee while looking for evidence of his innocence. 
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Minority Report quotes

  • Dash: There are three of us: Agatha, Arthur and me, Dash. We were called the Precognitives. We can see murders before they happen. For six years, we were held against our will and used to save lives. But after the government's Precrime program was shut down, we were finally released. We kept ourselves safe and hidden from the world, until now.

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