Otherhood movie plot

2022-10-22 15:01
For empty-nesters, what's the difference between letting kids grow up and being alienated from them?
On Mother's Day this year, old friends Carol (Angela Bassett), Jillian (Patricia T. Arquette) and Helen (Felicity Huffman), who feel left out and forgotten by their children, decide to travel to New York to spend time with adults. sons reshape their relationships, and in the process realize that it's not just their sons who need to change their lives. The journey became a journey of rediscovery, allowing these women to redefine their relationships with children, friends, spouses, and most importantly, with themselves   .
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Otherhood quotes

  • Carol Walker: The key to a clean house? Dead husband.

  • Gillian Lieberman: If everyone was just here for themselves, life would be pointless.

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