Great Balls of Fire! movie plot

2022-10-17 21:14
A real-life biographical film on the big screen. The protagonist, Jerry Lewis, is played by Dennis William Quaid , and the girl who plays his 13-year-old wife is the beautiful Winona Laura Horowitz . Dennis has a pretty captivating performance in the film, and fully showcases his lesser-known musical talent. In the 1950s, rock music was seen as a kind of barbaric music that violated God. Jerry Lewis, an arrogant, cocky yet talented, high-profile rocker. His free and unconventional style of performances was unexpectedly popular at the time. His popularity even overshadowed the style of the contemporary rock star Elvis, and he made a lot of money for partners and record owners. But this situation did not last long, because. He married a 13-year-old girl who was enough to be his daughter. Of course, under the conservative folk customs at the time, this was of course not allowed, and Jerry Lewis also faced the road of life. The choice. 
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Great Balls of Fire! quotes

  • Jerry Lee Lewis: You don't move like no virgin.

  • Myra Gale Brown: I don't know how to be a wife. I'm only 13.

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