The Gods Must Be Crazy II Influence

2022-03-16 08:01
After watching "Gods Must Be Crazy II, The", I felt that NSUH, one of the protagonists in the film, will definitely have a great change in his life after the filming, so I went to the Internet to find some information about the introduction of NSUH . Sure enough, after the unprecedented success of "Gods Must Be Crazy II, The", NSUH also became the most famous African actor in film history - even though he had never acted before. It is said that NSUH's true performance has brought joy to many people. He respects movies but is not eager to be an actor all the time. His greatest wish is to return to his hometown to live the life he loves. For the promotion of the film, NSUH traveled around the world and envied the life in France and Japan, but was willing to stay with his family in barren;infertile , starving Africa, and even suffering from tuberculosis , which is quite similar to his role in the film . The only difference is that the idyllic life in the film does not exist, and they have to struggle for survival every day.
Daniel Ryson Fede chronicles NSUH's life: migration, hunting, wives, children, and even death, and has invited him to local schools to tell children about his film career. Through the computer video, NSUH saw the dead ex-wife and burst into tears, and the scenes that once made the children laugh in the film, without exception, brought laughter to the children outside the film.
I am sure that NSUH will make God laugh in heaven too.
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  • Pete 2022-03-24 09:03:49

    Very cute, although the story itself is not as good as the last one

  • Howell 2022-03-19 09:01:11

    In the Chengle high-speed bus, the beautiful heroine and the pure female conductor stand out against each other. . .

The Gods Must Be Crazy II quotes

  • Brenner: [in radio] Big Ben calling...

    Brenner: [suddenly turns to George who is driving]

    Brenner: What the hell do you think you're doing?

    George: What do you mean?

    Brenner: You're going the wrong way.

    George: I'm going by the compass.

    Brenner: [picks coffee cup up] You left that there. This is made of steel.

    Brenner: [he circles the mug around the compass and the needle follows it. Angry he throws the coffee mug down and it makes a loud clang]

    Brenner: You bugged the compass, you stupid idiot!

    George: Oh, geez, boss, I'm sorry. I wasn't think...

    Brenner: Stop the bloody truck.

  • Brenner: I'll get the bastard!

    Brenner: [a few moments later he drives near the fleeing people, gets out of the truck and pours some gasoline in some tall dead grass. He then takes his gun out, fires and a deadly area of flames erupts]

    George: [groans and falls down]

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