The Gods Must Be Crazy II full of laughter

2022-03-16 08:01
"Gods Must Be Crazy II, The" is indeed a funny movie, and the second time I watched it, I was still laughing back and forth. I don't think the film is ridiculously funny, but the misunderstanding caused by the lack of communication is particularly funny. The main thing is to compare the customs and culture of modern society and primitive African society. In fact, it is not that the human nature of the primitive society is really different from that of the modern society, but it is just a difference in performance - when there is a shortage of resources, everyone behaves the same; when encountering a problem, everyone also attributes the problem to a bottle; at the same time, everyone God is in my heart.
In "Gods Must Be Crazy II, The", it can still be seen that the director continued the reflection of the first film: if human beings came out of Africa, when they returned to Africa, they showed more Frightened, clumsy and bewildered; where all itineraries are subject to God's plans; civilized people read information from computers, indigenous people read news from the sand?
In the material age , such films naturally arouse our thinking. How people and people, people and nature live in harmony.
If God really exists, I wonder if he will quietly overlook all beings created by himself in heaven? Including those who are called "human beings". I wonder if he will frown frequently, shake his head and sigh for their stupidity, selfishness, greed and ignorance, or whether he will nod and laugh secretly for their kindness, sincerity, repentance and thinking?
In fact, should civilization develop? Is it out of our control? Where will it go? All these questions are beyond and cannot be answered by human beings themselves, so let's jokingly push them to God, and let him go crazy with us.
Multiple Styles This film successfully and rarely combines multiple styles: both serious and in-depth thinking and relaxed and simple fun, both fictional and exaggerated from artistic techniques, and realistic and delicate based on a humanistic perspective, both humorous Amused and moved to tears, really memorable.
In this film, I found that there are a lot of funny scenes and dialogues, and the way of doing things is either unrealistic or the opposite of modern people. Some make people laugh, and some make people think deeply.
One of the film and reality, in real life, men play the role of strong, especially in the process of fighting, usually men control women. In this film, on the contrary, the heroine takes the two men with guns and takes them as hostages.
Second, modern people's fear of guns is self-evident, but when NSUH saw a stranger holding a gun to his chest, it acted as if nothing had happened, and took the gun from the other party's hand. "Come here. Not only did the person in the film startle, but also made the watching smiling back and forth. Really funny.
Third, people like NSUH generally think that IQ is not too high. Living in such a society, how can people who rely on body language to express information compare with the IQ of modern people? Most people should think so, right? In the film, we learned that when these modern people only knew how to escape by running in the face of the fire, it was NSUH who thought of using the principle of "convection" to make the elites of these modern people -- two A doctor out of danger. After laughing, isn't it worth getting into deep thought? Fourth, the role that animals play in people's lives is always a supporting role compared to humans - it should be a metaphor. But from the many shots in this film, it is not difficult for us to find that in human activities, it is not humans who manipulate animals, but animals watching human "jokes". For example: in a duel between two soldiers, the animal is on the side of the scene, looking at the fun.
This is just a little bit of my discovery, maybe there is something wrong with my understanding.
In addition, I think the most touching thing about this video is the family affections of blood and water ! Knowing that the child was gone, the father followed the car print day and night to find the child he took away with the car. He was anxious, anxious, worried. After watching it, I felt that as a child, there is a kind of happiness and emotion that cannot be expressed in words. Also, when the elder sister accidentally fell off the car, the fear of being separated from the siblings; and the elder sister followed the car markings like the father in order to find the younger brother; after the car stopped, the younger brother immediately got out of the car and ran back. The most amazing thing is that when the car returns and continues to drive forward, at this time, my sister does not know whether my brother is still in the car or not. Should I continue to run forward? The anxiety of the younger brother is unforgettable. Later, the reunion of the younger brother and the elder sister, and the reunion with the father, further elevated this Family affections to the highest level. After watching this super funny movie, I think: After the big laugh, the family affections will make every child fall into deep contemplation.
Furthermore, at the end of the film, the scene where the two children hug each other sideways, I think it is obviously to serve the composition of the picture and does not conform to the hugging habits of ordinary people. Of course, no one will care about this little "show" mentality, because the picture of the father and son laughing and crying for the reunion is enough to move every audience.
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