The Gods Must Be Crazy II movie plot

2022-03-16 08:01
In the first episode, the story is about an undeveloped place in Africa called the Kalahari. Although it is only 6,000 miles away from the city, the inhabitants know nothing about modern things. Such as the occasional aircraft in the sky as the messenger of God. Once an empty Coke bottle fell from a plane, thinking it was a gift from God, sparking a scramble among residents. A native named Kee went around looking for God with an empty bottle. To ask why God gave them this wicked bottle, and to return it to God, was a wonderful experience along the way…. In the second episode, the two children of the indigenous people Chico accidentally got into the wrong car and started their unusual and wonderful journey. Along the way, they were accompanied by a pile of ivory, plucked the fruit from the tree, accidentally fell into the water tank, and saw water that they had never seen in their life. Discovering that two children have been lost, indigenous people Chigo embarks on a journey again. His last trip was to throw away the Coke bottle that brought endless trouble to the family, and this time, it was to find his relatives.
The zoologist and the female doctor unfortunately strayed into the desert by flying a plane, so they also began their difficult and embarrassing adventure. The female doctor from the big city is like a superman and cunning more than a monkey and ape in the event of danger; a zoologist who is not afraid of danger also begins to fight with honey badger and scorpion .
So, these three types of people from different places meet by chance, those who are looking for relatives are finally reunited, those who escape are finally safe, and those who do evil are bound to become cocoons. What makes us unforgettable are the delightful stories, simple irony, cuteness small African animals, and the reunion hugs of the two children.
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The Gods Must Be Crazy II quotes

  • Timi: [being chased by Mateo, opens a little book up and reads] Excerpts from the Geneva Convention.

    Mateo: Forget it!

    Timi: It says here, that no prisoner should be treated inhumanly.

    Mateo: All right, all right. You can rest for three minutes.

    [they both stop and Timi sits down by a tree]

    Timi: What's your hurry?

    Mateo: None your business.

    [stares at his watch]

    Mateo: [flash to a very short cut scene of the oldest kid running under a giraffe]

    Mateo: [still looking at his watch] 3 minutes.

    [starts jeep up]

    Timi: I'm pooped man.

    Mateo: [doesn't listen and starts chasing Timi again. Suddenly, Timi runs in another direction and a wild chase scene ensues]

    Mateo: [yelling all sorts of crazy things] Hey! Stop that! You are my prisoner! I'm gonna report you to the Geneva convention!

    [Mateo gets on the hood of his jeep and then a moment later the Timi gets in the driver seat and taps on the Mateo's ankle who is unaware where Timi is. Mateo double takes, and Timi slams on the brakes as the Mateo goes flying making a wild yelp]

    Mateo: You mustn't do that!

    Timi: [smiles] March!

  • [Mateo while trying to get up knocks over a can of gasoline with his knee and the two start fighting]

    Dr. Ann Taylor: Stop it!

    [they still fight]

    Dr. Ann Taylor: I said *stop it!*

    [they still continue to fight]

    Dr. Ann Taylor: Stop it right now!

    [one of their guns goes flying and almost hits Dr. Ann Taylor who yelps. A second later, she picks up the gun and fires a warning shot at the two. They both stop fighting frozen in shock as they see Dr. Ann Taylor holding the gun on them]

    Timi: Lady be careful with that thing, give it here.

    Dr. Ann Taylor: No, I won't.

    Timi: But I'm the boot guard, he's a bloody Cuban. Give it here.

    Dr. Ann Taylor: [fires another warning shot]

    Timi: Geeze, lady.

    Dr. Ann Taylor: Yeah. Make... my day.

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