The Bear movie plot

2022-03-15 08:01
The mountains stretch, immersed in solemnity. "Bear" opens with director Jean-Jacques Arnold using a panoramic lens to immerse us in the vastness of nature. It seemed like another planet, and I saw a little bear clumsily digging for honey. At this time, its mother smelled the fragrance of the honeycomb, and digged under the pile of stones hard. The bear's name was York, and the long hair covered its eyes. It was enjoying it, but it didn't know that disaster was about to come: the stone pile suddenly It collapsed and the big bear was crushed to death. The little bear growled and pushed his mother's body, expecting it to stand up again. After a long time, it finally realized that its mother could never wake up again. From now on, it will make a living independently. The hungry little bear began to forage by itself, and frogs and butterflies became the objects it chased.
There were a few crisp gunshots in the quiet valley, followed by a loud howl, and the little bear could hear that it was the same kind of sound. Chasing after the sound, it found a wounded and huge grizzly bear. The lonely and helpless little bear tried to get close to the big bear. In order to follow the big grizzly bear, he was almost swept away by the rapids on the road. The injured grizzly bear did not accept the cubs, and only wanted to take revenge on the two hunters who wounded him.
However, when the big bear was in pain, the little bear ignored the threat of the big bear and licked the wound for it, and finally moved the big bear. The big bear gradually accepted the little follower and became the protector of the little bear. But in a hunter's hunt, the little bear was caught by the hunter, and he narrowly escaped.
The camera continued to switch. In the process of rescuing the little bear, the big bear finally blocked the hunter who injured him. However, when the giant palm fell, facing the hunter who was huddled in fright, the big bear moved with compassion and turned around. Leave. The forgiven hunter feels guilty for what he has done, abandons his plan to kill the bear, and leaves the forest.
At the same time, the little bear, who was separated from the big bear, was chased and killed by the coveted cougar on the way to find the big bear. There is no going back. Suddenly the tree trunk broke, and the poor bear fell into the water. Fortunately, he caught the fallen log in time. The cougar followed the shore, and the wood carried the bear and just floated in front of the cougar. In desperation, the little bear jumped into the water, struggled non-stop, and finally swam ashore to face the brutal attack of the cougar. Amid the continual roaring of the bear and the faint sound of other roars, the cougar suddenly turned and left. At this time, the little bear turned back and found that the big bear who came behind was constantly roaring and deterring in the direction of the cougar's departure.
Bear York, who has experienced all kinds of hardships, gradually grew up and matured under the protection and teaching of the big bear. The snowy winter is here, and York and Big Bear hibernate together in a cozy cave.
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Extended Reading
  • Stuart 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    Combining cute and thrilling, strength and beauty, revenge and forgiveness, man and nature, impulse and reason, it is so cute to the point of eclipse, moved to melt, and heart-wrenching to irrepressible. The little bear is too cute, and the big bear is too loving. I really like it. And it's 1988. . . surprise. . .

  • Raleigh 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    The Lion King should see how to make a feature film that uses animals to tell people about people. Less is more: the expressions of animals are still far from the performance, the director reduced the BGM, and used natural voices to immerse the audience into the world of the movie; animals have no language, and the dream of clay animation fills the vacancy of the audience's imagination; People are different, and the director created two lines of interweaving to enhance emotional connection. It is still a limitation and regret to impose on animals from a human perspective, but in the name of tolerance and coexistence, and the reality of human self-centeredness, this film seems to be deceitful in the sense of harmonious ecology. Under the new hatred and old hatred of the big bear, he finally stopped when he faced human beings. In exchange for the release of the professional hunter who was injured and killed his horse and his fortune was cut off, he undoubtedly grafted the western story on the natural pastoral field, which is far better than using a cheetah to wear it. Big Bear Love. ps: During the filming process, the bears also suffered a lot.

The Bear quotes

  • [last lines]

    Tom: [shooing the bear cub away] Good luck, little fella.

  • Tom: [speaks to bear cub] I... Tom.

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