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2022-03-15 08:01
"Modern Apocalypse", "The Godfather" director Fransgoprae made another shocking film - The Cotton Club (The Cotton Club) This film won the Ballon d'Or "Best Director" and "Best Director" in 1985 Nominated for "Best Film", Oscars "Best Film Editing" and "Most Living Set", and in 1986 won the British BAFTA FILM AWARD "Best Costume" award and the same session "Best Sound" nomination.
The film is based on Duke Ellington's novel "A Night in the Jungle in Harlem" after more than 60 revisions. Although it is an introduction to the matter between two pairs of black and white brothers, it is actually an introduction to the open and secret struggle between underworld gangs. As far as the style of the entire film is concerned, the director broke through the underworld movie model established by himself, using flowing images, precise sound and creative editing to show a world of underworld in Harlem in the 1930s.
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  • Marcelino 2022-04-21 09:03:46

    Although it is a gangster film, what is more touching is obviously all the jazz elements in the film. The atmosphere was rendered crisp and numb by the music, filled with the taste of love. The dances and costumes of the Jazz Age are simply too beautiful. The makeup of every actress makes people unable to look away. Frame by frame, they interpret the best time of capitalism. Hurry up to find the original sound after reading it!

  • Jimmy 2022-03-15 08:01:02

    140-minute Encore Edition. Coppola's Prohibition-era gangster film, but as the "cotton" in the title suggests, the topic of race is also a focus of the film. Although this version stretches the length to nearly two and a half hours, there are still some clues left unfinished. Murder and tap dance cross-cut makes you dream of 'The Godfather'

The Cotton Club quotes

  • [Frenchy has just broken Owney's watch]

    Frenchy: You cheap son of a bitch! You only offered $500 for me?

    Owney: What?

    Frenchy: If you were kidnapped, I wouldn't offer more than that for you!

    Owney: $500?

    Frenchy: That's what I heard!

    Owney: 50 grand! I paid 50 grand! They only wanted 35 but I gave 50 not to hurt you. $500. I would've given 500,000 for you. I been worried sick about you. Look at what you done to my fuckin' watch.

    Frenchy: 50 grand?

    Owney: Yeah.

    [Frenchy hands Owney a box that Owney opens]

    Owney: What's this? A platinum watch. (smiling) You asshole.

  • Vera: I was born looking 18.

    Dixie: I can save you.

    Vera: No, you can't.

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