Great Expectations movie plot

2022-07-17 13:45
The protagonist Pip, whose parents died when he was a child, was brought up by his violent sister, and he studied blacksmithing with his brother-in-law Joe, who was also a teacher and friend, and lived a life of inferiority. By chance, he was selected into the town of Satis Manor, employed by the rich lady Havsing, and met the young and proud Estella. Under the guidance of the hazy Miss Havishin, Pip fell in love with Estella, his thoughts changed, and he began to work hard to become a superior person. It happened that a fugitive rescued when he was a young man secretly financed Pip in order to repay his gratitude, so that he had the opportunity to study higher education and enter the upper class. It's a pity that fate makes people, just when Pip thinks he is eligible to love Estella on an equal footing, a series of twists make Pip's "Great Expectations" instantly disillusioned, and finally bring Pip back to reality. It shows the ups and downs of Pip's growth experience and the profound cognition of Charles John Huffam Dickens' life experience.
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