Green Zone evaluation action

2021-11-27 08:01
"Green Zone" takes the Iraq War as the theme and describes the difficult process of the US military's attempt to establish an interim government in Iraq. Like the movie "The Hurt Locker", the director of photography used the method of shooting with a handheld camera. The photography style and many other aspects are all There are similarities, so it has attracted wide attention from male audiences, and also attracted audiences of all ages to watch  .
The film is a hellish thriller that clearly expresses the inferiority and nature of neoconservatism in the US government (reviewed by the  .
"Green Zone" starts from the perspective of whether there are "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq, and reflects on whether the Americans are heroes or deceivers in the thrilling gun battle. It's just that the film did not go too far on this topic, and the overall reputation and market response were not satisfactory  .
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  • Marquise 2022-04-23 07:01:52

    It's a good movie, the pacing is good,

  • Savannah 2021-11-27 08:01:19

    Even the WMD bit of trouble was made into a movie? What a waste of my Damon

Green Zone quotes

  • General Al Rawi: Your government wanted to hear the lie Mr. Miller... they wanted Saddam out and they did exactly what they had to do... this is why you are here...

  • Martin Brown: I want you to tell him not to talk to the American interrogators.

    Miller: I thought we were all on the same side?

    Martin Brown: Don't be naïve...

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