Griffin & Phoenix movie plot

2022-07-11 16:17
'Griffin And Phoenix' is a poignant and funny love story as they face an insurmountable obstacle and their last chance to love.
The story takes place in the fall of New York. Griffin was diagnosed with cancer, and he was only two years away at the most. He was divorced and lived alone in a small New York apartment with two sons raised by his ex-wife. No one knew about his illness. Griffin and Phoenix meet in a psychology class. As they got along, the two found more and more in common. Just when Phoenix thinks she's in love with Griffin, she discovers Griffin's books on death. She ran out yelling, suddenly realizing that all of this might be Griffin playing a trick on her.
Phoenix is ​​also a cancer patient. After Griffin revealed the truth to Phoenix, their relationship grew even closer, both physically and mentally. They decided to enjoy life to the fullest for the remaining days. Phoenix quits his job and goes on a beach vacation with Griffin. Griffin told Phoenix: "If I get sicker and have to go to the hospital, I'll leave alone. Don't go to me, and don't come to the hospital. If I die, please don't come. Come to my funeral, and don't come to my grave to lay flowers. Just remember me now, okay?" "Okay," Phoenix replied.
They are so happy together that they forget the pain, but life is so cruel, that day will come. Phoenix's condition worsened, and she left Griffin's apartment alone to go to the hospital, leaving Griffin with a letter telling him not to go to her. But Griffin went anyway. The first time Phoenix told him to leave, he went to the parking lot and smashed his car. The second time, Phoenix still let him go, but he said to Phoenix: "I really regret what I said, those words are so stupid, please don't let me leave you." The two embraced and cried. Phoenix told Griffin that her favorite day of the year is Christmas. She likes tall Christmas trees, especially the gifts piled under them, and even the smell of Christmas fascinates her. But maybe she can't spend Christmas anymore because she's worried she won't survive winter. Phoenix cried. She never realized it was the last time when she was doing a lot of things, she didn't remember the last time she played the piano, the last time she cooked. Everything was so ordinary at that time, and she never thought that it would be lost forever.
One day, Griffin took Phoenix to Central Park. Phoenix was so weak that Griffin could only carry her away. By the creek, Griffin told Phoenix to close his eyes until he allowed them to. When Phoenix opened her eyes, she was speechless. In front of her eyes was a tall Christmas tree with beautiful stars hanging on it, and gifts piled under the tree. She smiled like a child, her eyes sparkling. In the setting sun, Griffin also smiled contentedly. This is a story about love. Their love is real and natural, and because of each other, they have seen the sunshine of life again. They cling to each other and enjoy every minute, every second of each other's company. Perhaps their love is the purest, because they are neither troubled by the future nor troubled by the past, they only have each other in their eyes, only each other at this moment. This love makes the passage of life less bleak. When Griffin showed the beautiful and tall Christmas tree to the seriously ill Phoenix, I think Phoenix felt only happiness. This is also a story about life.
When we are busy, we often don’t know what we really want, and hide our dreams in the deepest part of our hearts. When we want to put our dreams into action, it is usually too late. Life is very short. If there is something you really want to do, do it right away. Don't let your life pass in vain while you wait. The pace of the movie is very slow. Although it tells a story about the passing of life, the color of the picture is so clear and bright, there is no sense of depression, but a strong vitality. Just like their story.
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Griffin & Phoenix quotes

  • Phoenix: I've done so many things that at some point I did for the last time and I wasn't paying attention. And then I met you and I got to laugh and make love and fall in love all for the last time... but this time I paid attention.

  • Griffin: [after telling phoenix that he doesn't want to see her in his last remaining days] No long drawn out goodbyes...

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