GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka movie plot

2022-07-09 16:19
Onizuka Eiji, 22 years old, was a member of the invincible beasts who were feared by local residents in high school. In this way, after successfully (?) graduating from university, he took his first step as a social person, and the profession he chose was actually a teacher! Aiming to be "the best teacher in the world", the dream is to leave behind the legend of "GTO=Great Teacher Onizuka".
Blonde hair and earrings, his hobby is role-playing, and his words and deeds are not good. This man is the farthest away from the image that all teachers should have. After temporarily becoming a teacher, he was regarded as a thorn in the side of the old-fashioned academic dean, and the class he taught is still today. The problem class that forced the three head teachers to resign so far!
As a teacher, this man who once fought against the teacher in his school days, under the attention of his students, guides them as a senior in life, and occasionally fights against the school system. This is a campus story depicting a legendary teacher. 
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