Evelyn movie plot

2022-10-23 17:06
In Ireland in the 1950s, Desmond was a sullen interior decorator in Dublin. As soon as Christmas was over, his wife left him and flew to Australia with a wealthy man, leaving him to raise two sons Dermot and Maurice and daughter Evelyn on his own. Unexpectedly, misfortunes do not come singly. Desmond lost his job soon after. Frustrated and frustrated, he relied on soaking in bars every night to anesthetize himself. The government found that the three children lacked reliable financial security, and there was no mother's guardianship. When the father was still drinking, it immediately forcibly took the three children and sent them to a church shelter according to Irish law. Evelyn, who was sent to the convent, was abused by the nuns, but she still believed that her father would take her home.
Desmond is deeply stimulated by the loss of his child, and he is determined to get his child back. With the help of a kind Bernadette, he gets back on his feet and works hard to improve the economy as soon as possible. Once the situation improved, he began to actively apply to the government to take the children back. However, according to the rules, there must be a request from both spouses to return the child. But how can Desmond find a wife far away in Australia? He and his children are still unable to reunite. Bernadette brought his brother Michael who was a lawyer for him, and joined two other lawyers, Nick and Tom, to formally file a lawsuit to the court. Desmond decides to do whatever it takes to get the child back, and his love changes the laws of this country. 
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Evelyn quotes

  • Evelyn Doyle: Mummy's gone! She was all dressed up and she went away with a man in a car.

  • Desmond Doyle: I never laid a hand to her in anger once, though she gave me just cause for it. Maybe that's where I went wrong.

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