A movie review for parents

Jeremie 2022-10-23 15:31:19

When I first heard this translated name, I always had the feeling of "Home Alone", it seems that the child's efforts made his father win the case. After reading it, I really feel that the translated title "Fa, Father, Love" is more appropriate. The daughter is the father's caring little jacket, and Doe dared to fight the law because of the eldest son, Evelyn, but for the parents of every girl in the monastery, who wouldn't want this law to be changed? People always praise the person who eats crabs later, but who dares to say that they didn't want to eat it before? Why don't you want to eat? Why does one out of millions bravely go to eat? Doe is indeed not the kind of "good man who lives at home", but his greatness lies in daring to fight for his children. Even if he spends all his savings, he will never be satisfied with regular visits before the age of 16.
Doe's father doesn't appear much, but it tells us another source of Doe's strength: although his family is not rich, he and his father are very happy. For the modern adult generation, one of the major meanings of "adulting" is to get rid of the shackles of parents, which may be why modern people are increasingly unhappy. For Doe, who lived in the 1950s, parents were of great significance, especially the loss of his mother at an early age. It also made him more aware of the importance of parents to children's growth, and therefore he must return children. And after this incident, Evelyn and her two younger brothers will also understand this truth, and therefore treat their children as their fathers treat themselves. In a sense, this is also a kind of inheritance, and now many "tiger mothers" and "wolf fathers" treat their children like this because their parents also treat themselves like this.
Since childhood, many of my classmates complained about their parents. I am lucky, my parents follow Doe's "love education method". Granted, not every parent has the opportunity for Doe to show love like this, but have you ever resented being bullied by your child? Have you spent time having fun with your kids? Have you talked to your child about school? In other words, have you listened carefully when your child is chatting with you?
Parents are children's most important teachers, but if parents don't have to tell their children what yin is, how can children understand it? How can we treat everyone in society with sincerity and kindness? The real thing in the 1950s was only filmed in 2000, which may be the true intention of the director and even this film.

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  • [in court, a lawyer has told Evelyn what a nun has claimed]

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