Hacksaw Ridge evaluation action

2021-10-13 18:32
"Blood Battle on Hacksaw Ridge" uses unreserved means to truly restore the grand spectacle and details of the Okinawa battle. The roaring bullets, the deafening explosions, the corpses all over the scorched earth, the bloody and cruel display of war in "Blood Wars on Hacksaw Ridge", and the grand scale of the battle are rare in similar themes of movies. The film is the same as the usual style of director Mel Gibson. It has not only grand war scenes, but also irresistible family affection, romantic and loyal love and perseverance. (     )
The rhythm of the story of "Blood War Hacksaw Ridge" is both extreme and realistic, full of poetic aesthetic style, and strives to create a sublime beauty in the tragedy. At the same time, the whole film successfully created the image of flesh and blood characters, and the whole film showed an extremely shocking artistic effect. Although the film renders extremely tragic and bloody battle scenes for a long time, it is also good at portraying the spiritual world of the characters with delicate and moving lens language, showing a realistic picture of the coexistence of brutal killing and perfect salvation. The film is roughly divided into two parts according to the narrative style, and the dual styles complement each other, creating a shocking visual impact and soul cleaning together.  
"Blood War Hacksaw Ridge" abandons the most popular portable photography at the moment, and instead adopts very old-fashioned war film shooting methods, fixed camera, fixed lens, and objective perspective. Although the scene is only a few positions, it embodies the cruelty of the battlefield. It's so vivid and vivid.  
"Blood Battle at Hacksaw Ridge" is a victory for director Gibson, mainly due to the outstanding second half of the film, which is the battle of Okinawa where the protagonist Desmond participated. Gibson's talent as a director has always been to show violent war scenes and to incorporate elements of horror films into traditional serious war films. () 
"Blood War Hacksaw Ridge" is a violent drama about anti-warism that successfully blends elegance and terror. Gibson knows how to arouse the emotions of the audience. (") 
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  • Kim 2022-04-24 07:01:02

    For me, the movie started after the soldiers actually went to war. The real sense of war makes people bloody, and can make people forget the previous chatter and gossip. People with religious beliefs and pious hearts may perform miracles in extreme circumstances, but this cannot be promoted as a value. If it's not a wonderful war scene, it's a bit of a Catholic propaganda film.

  • Lemuel 2022-03-25 09:01:05

    Every scene is like setting a sea god's needle, knocking hard in my heart. Watching Mel Gibson's play is like seeing a man in ragged clothes with a clear heart, bowing his head in three steps, slowly and firmly towards the temple.

Hacksaw Ridge quotes

  • Prosecutor: There is only one question that any military court need ask of the accused: do you deny disobeying Col. Sangston's direct orders?

    Judge: Well, do you, Private?

    Desmond Doss: No, sir, I don't.

    Judge: Why are you contesting it, then? Why is it so important to you, given your refusal to even touch a weapon to serve in a combat unit?

    Desmond Doss: Because when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, I took it personal. Everyone I knew was on fire to join up, including me. There were two men in my hometown declared 4-F unfit, they killed themselves cause they couldn't serve. Why, I had a job in a defense plant and I could've taken a deferment, but that ain't right. It isn't right that other men should fight and die, that I would just be sitting at home safe. I need to serve. I got the energy and the passion to serve as a medic, right in the middle with the other guys. No less danger, just... while everybody else is taking life, I'm going to be saving it. With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it doesn't seem like such a bad thing to me to wanna put a little bit of it back together.

  • Sgt Howell: I have seen stalks of corn with better physiques. Makes me want to pull an *ear* off, Private! Can you carry your weight?

    Desmond Doss: Yes, Sergeant!

    Sgt Howell: It should be *easy* for you then!... Corporal!

    Corporal Jessop: Sergeant.

    Sgt Howell: Make sure you keep this man away from strong winds.

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