Half Light piercing lens

2022-03-23 08:01
The first time Rachel spoke of the "spiritual" lady, Rachel held her bag with her left hand, however in the glass case behind the lady, viewers can see her hand down.
In the close-up, Rachel walks along the bridge towards her son with her hair hanging down behind as if a gust of wind blows; when the camera cuts to her right, her hair is completely motionless hanging down.
The small town of Ingonish should belong to Scotland, but the flag on the bar wall in the film is St. George's Cross of England, not St. Andrew's Cross of Scotland.
In a flashback at the end of the credits, Angus and Patrick remove the film from the camera, and the film is not installed in the proper place and is not secured in another reel. In addition, the shutter is also obvious.
As Rachel grapples with the anchoring chain, the padlock's position changes from shot to shot, with one shot swaying a few feet below her feet and another shot at her ankle   .
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  • Rozella 2022-04-23 07:05:34

    classic murder movie

  • Katelin 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    Some questions were not explained clearly. Are there ghosts? Also, I came up with a rule that when one party says he saw so-and-so and the other party says he died early, then there must be a real conspiracy.

Half Light quotes

  • Rachel Carlson: Why is it everyone paints their boats the exact same color as their houses?

    Angus McCulloch: Well, that's actually a tradition here. The wife needs to be able to look out on the water and know her husband's okay.

    Rachel Carlson: That's very romantic.

    Angus McCulloch: And we also get a tax-break on the paint, which is also very romantic.

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