Half Light evaluation action

2022-03-23 08:01
The genius of "Half Light" is that it is neither a simple psychological thriller, which mixes imagination with facts, splicing the past with the present; nor is it a suspense film that purely tells conspiracy stories, deliberately obliterating facts and creating fog, but It is a fusion of the two styles. Every shot is a fact. What the audience has to do is solve the problem with their brains and race against fear   .
"Half Light" draws on Hitchcock's shooting techniques, with a betrayal story as the background, through the eyes of the female writer, rendering the legend of the murder on the island seven years ago, the unbelievable horror of the characters in the film, And disturb the audience's thinking with various illusions, thus creating a psychological fear that permeates the whole film   .
The plot of "Half Light" is complex and bizarre, and the plot is intertwined with each other. It is told like a British novel, and it creates a suspenseful atmosphere that makes people shudder   .
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  • Rachel Carlson: Why is it everyone paints their boats the exact same color as their houses?

    Angus McCulloch: Well, that's actually a tradition here. The wife needs to be able to look out on the water and know her husband's okay.

    Rachel Carlson: That's very romantic.

    Angus McCulloch: And we also get a tax-break on the paint, which is also very romantic.

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