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2022-03-17 08:01
"Hanging Up" depicts the affectionate and sisterly friendship between father and daughter. Through the delicate interpersonal behavior description, the audience will follow the heroine Meg Ryan, happy or angry, and the other two supporting actresses Diane Keaton and Lisa Kudrow. , as well as supporting actor Walter Marsh, promises to get the audience wet with a whole bag of tissue paper.
It turned out that the mother thought the family was a burden and always wanted to have her own life. The father gave up on himself because his mother broke up with him, and the three daughters misunderstood each other because of their respective families and careers. Sister Diane Keaton is a magazine strong woman. Although her younger sister Lisa Kudrow has no money, she is determined to pursue her career. Only the second child, Meg Ryan, cares about her father's life. It turns out that she was the closest to her father since she was a child, so she has never been able to let go of her father. My father left a lot of hateful and angry memories.
The touchingness of "Hanging Up" lies first in the depiction of the subtle emotions of the father and daughter. Different from the traditional plot where mother and daughter are more intimate, the acting talents Walter Marsh and Meg Lane indeed outline the intimacy between many women; The estranged and dear brotherhood between the three sisters pays homage to the "Sin of the Heart" in the 1980s, especially in the face of the death of their father, the three of them suddenly realize that they are actually the closest relatives to each other. That kind of family love really shows that director Diane Keaton is very observant!
This film tells us that no matter how developed modern communication tools are, it cannot replace face-to-face communication and love between flesh and blood, especially how lonely old people need their relatives to "go home often". Modern commercial civilization is gradually swallowing traditional family affection. The times we live in call for such "family films". Three Hollywood stars make their debut in this film: the eldest sister, Georgia, played by Deane Keaton, who directs the film; the second sister, Eve, played by Meg Ryan; The third sister Maddie is played by Lisa Kudrow. Their performances are natural and cordial, completely reproducing the characters who travel through the current life.
There are many close-ups of the characters in the video disc. The facial expressions of the old father Mosel's condensed expression, and the clear wrinkles on his face are very real, and the picture resolution is excellent. In particular, when Mosel's most beloved second daughter, Eve, was taking care of her old father, there were many flashes of her memories and the transfer of reality shots. The alternation of far and near, dark and bright, hazy and bright, not only shows the superb photography skills, but also highlights Eve's psychological activities - her deep affection for the father and daughter in the past, and the short life, strengthens the art of the film Effect. The lines and textures of Eve's clothes and objects in each scene are also very sharp and vivid. In terms of sound effects, there are no big dynamic shocking clips, and its performance is still known for its rich details. The dialogue sound effects of the actors are very personal and the positioning is more accurate. In addition, the sense of movement and envelopment that the plot requires is also used well. For example, when the father is critically ill, the three sisters are running in the long corridor of the hospital, and the rapid footsteps are different. The loudness and azimuth coming from is a wonderful example.
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Hanging Up quotes

  • Eve Mozell Marks: [Eve has just been informed that her father is missing; to nurse on the phone] Look through the beds of *every, single female patient*!

  • Nurse at Mesh Window: [to Lou] I think it's time for you to go to bed.

    Lou Mozell: [begrudgingly] *NOT* with you!

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