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2022-04-04 08:01
Lazaro and dozens of villagers live in the isolated village of Inorata, which and all its inhabitants belong to the Marquise Afonsina. At a time when slavery had died out for centuries, the villagers of Inorata were still growing tobacco for the Marquise for free, and taking it for granted. While being exploited by the Marquise, the villagers are exploiting the kind Lazzaro. However, Lazaro never complained, and was even full of joy every time. One summer day, the Marchioness and her son Takredi, a rebellious and sickly young nobleman, came to Inorata for summer vacation. Takredi and Lazaro, two young people with completely different backgrounds and personalities, unexpectedly be good friends. The stubborn and rebellious Tuckeredy directed and acted in a kidnapping case, and then hid in Lazaro's cave to enjoy leisure, hoping that the handwritten book signed in Lazaro's blood would impress his mother, and after receiving a ransom live alone. However, the selfish and arrogant Marquise didn't care at all, and in a hurry, Tuckeredy called the rich lady who had a crush on him for help. The rich lady called the police and attracted the police. This dysfunctional little village that still practices slavery has finally come to light.
The villagers were led out of the village by the police to start a new life, but Lazaro fell off a very high cliff before. No one thought he would be alive, and no one even wanted to recover his body, because it was An area ravaged by wolves. The villagers automatically ignored the fact that Lazaro fell off the cliff, after all, there was a more important thing in front of them to move towards a new life. Lazaro, who fell off the cliff, got up unscathed after a lone wolf passed by. The village was deserted, and the Marquise's villa was covered in cobwebs. After encountering a stupid thief who came to steal the villa, Lazaro left the village and walked to the city in search of his "brother" Takredi. When Lazaro finally came to the city to meet the former villagers. It turns out that many years have passed. The villagers of that year have grown old, including Antonia, the only one who had goodwill towards Lazaro. When the villagers saw Lazaro, who had not changed at all, most of them regarded him as a monster like a ghost. Only Antonia regarded him as a miracle   .
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  • Marchesa Alfonsina De Luna: Human beings are like animals. Set them free and they realize they are slaves locked in their own misery. Right now, they suffer, but they don't know. I exploit them, they exploit that poor man. It's a chain reaction that can't be stopped.

  • Marchesa Alfonsina De Luna: He who knows himself well is humbled in his own presence. And the praise of other men provokes no pleasure. If I were to know everything in the universe and scorned the charity who would bring me the grace of God? Who would judge my actions? One should go beyond the thirst for knowledge that is the root of distraction and disappointment.

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