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2022-04-04 08:01
With Lazzaro felice, Alice Rohrwacher brings to Cannes an allegorical tale of magic and realism. The film was shot on a super 16 cm negative, which seemed to give the film a dark brown tint, which at first glance seemed extraordinarily nostalgic and warm, but it was actually more of a decayed color   .
Modernism, folklore, and allegory, Lazzaro felice is like a crazy mix of styles and colors. The Pinocchio-like logic and narrative was puzzling at first, but became more and more fascinating as the story progressed   .
The film is full of wisdom and ambition, coupled with the allegory that transcends time and space and the dialectical criticism of contemporary society, making it such a slow-moving but gradually improving work   .
In this film, the director reproduces the theme of the previous work "Miracle" - the pastoral life is falling apart under the constant pressure of modernity. The allegorical shell of the film with a strong religious color seems to have taken a scripture from Pasolini. However, as a female director, Lowach's irony of society is more gentle and kind. The film does not have Pasolini's deep hatred for Italy's political and social chaos, as well as the revolutionary intention to create a new world. Instead, it is full of Italy The pity of the people at the bottom, this has become the warmest redemptive color of "Saint" Lazaro  .
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  • Deshaun 2022-04-10 09:01:08

    If you love Italian art, watching Rovalher's films will give you a sense of intimacy. You see Olmi, Pasolini, Rossellini, plastic arts, classical paintings, Bible stories... she thinks Showing everything you see, but inadvertently bringing out the essence of Italian art for thousands of years. In addition, purity is something that cannot be acted out, and Lazaro's actors are like this, and this is the only possibility. A saint forever trapped between religion and worldliness, past and future, country and city. That's why Rovalher is talking about something called "eternity".

  • Emmanuel 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    Magic, oracles, wolf imagery, the demise of classes, biblical stories. The director is so talented, it's really hard to shoot. The male protagonist's face is like a sculpture, handsome and holy.

Happy as Lazzaro quotes

  • Marchesa Alfonsina De Luna: Human beings are like animals. Set them free and they realize they are slaves locked in their own misery. Right now, they suffer, but they don't know. I exploit them, they exploit that poor man. It's a chain reaction that can't be stopped.

  • Marchesa Alfonsina De Luna: He who knows himself well is humbled in his own presence. And the praise of other men provokes no pleasure. If I were to know everything in the universe and scorned the charity who would bring me the grace of God? Who would judge my actions? One should go beyond the thirst for knowledge that is the root of distraction and disappointment.

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