Heaven's Gate behind the scenes gags

2022-03-14 08:01
The epic Western , which cost $40 million , is thin and loosely structured. The director repeats the method he used to shoot the dance scene in " Deer hunter ". It is lengthy and narcissistic, and only photography is maintained. Commercially, the film was a disastrous blockbuster with huge losses, single-handedly causing the long tradition of United Arts to go out of business . 
Director Michael Cimino was making this film when his previous film "The Deer Hunter " had just won many awards and had a booming career, but "Heaven's Gate" ruined it all. The film went over twice the budget, and the cut version was 5 hours and 25 minutes long. Even if the final cut was more than 3 hours, the impetuous audience would not be interested at all. As a result of the film's failure, the investor United Arts disintegrated, which in turn led to the gradual weakening of American directors' control over the film, and the studio's complete dominance of the film.
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  • Jason 2022-03-14 08:01:02

    7.0. Cimino's drag version of "Death of a Nation" tells the whole story of the massacre caused by the immigration issue. Unfortunately, the director's choreography is too bad. , although the photography is good on the whole, but the kiss scene is still pulled so far, it can only be said that it is too bad for the camera, and Huppert's death is too abrupt, but fortunately, the scale, editing, and scheduling of the two big confrontations at the end can make people's eyes A bright.

  • Juston 2022-03-14 08:01:02

    The opening is a long speech, which is too much to lose points. In fact, it is very good. The photography is especially amazing. Almost all of them are oil painting textures. It is a little more realistic than the past in the west. The Indians are not the problem. The fundamental problem in the west is the conflict between people and capital. Too sympathetic to the mob, in fact, the same group of people as those killers. The ending is dark, the beauty is killed, and the hero of the west returns to the bourgeoisie he belongs to. This country does not belong to the poor.

Heaven's Gate quotes

  • Ella Watson: I never cheated on you. I always made Nate pay.

  • Ella Watson: Do you think a woman can love two men?

    James Averill: Sure you can. Why not three? But it sure as hell isn't convenient.

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