Heirs movie plot

2022-07-17 18:00
Cha Eun Sang, a high school student, is a working maniac. She lives with a single mother and lives a bleak life. She is an uncompromising "heir to poverty". Kim Tanis the heir of Korea's leading conglomerate empire. He is handsome and has a prominent background. He was born with everything. However, he is an illegitimate child and is regarded as a thorn in his side by his half-brother. He is "exiled" to study in the United States. In order to find his sister, Eun Sang came to the United States alone, and found that his sister's beautiful life was all lies. When the dream collapsed, Eun Sang unexpectedly met Jin Tan. Kim Tan brings the homeless Eun Sang home after a bizarre incident. Immediately, Jin Tan's fiancee came to the door, and since then, Cinderella and the princes and princesses forged a bad relationship.
The gears of fate continued to turn, and the encounter between Eun Sang and Kim Tan did not end in America. After returning to Korea, Eun Sang transferred to Imperial High School, which is full of rich children. Choi Young-do, a bad boy with a high IQ, and Lee Bo-na, the chaebol eldest lady, these enviable 18-year-old The Heirs appeared one by one   .
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