Heirs behind the scenes gags

2022-07-17 21:08
  1. The first episode of "The Heirs" had an audience rating of 11.6%, which was 4.3% higher than the first broadcast of the MBC drama "Medical Team" of the same period   .
  2. Lee MinHo went to the United States to practice surfing 5 days before filming, and Kim Ji Won took time to practice golf a month before filming   .
  3. Lee MinHo was slapped 7 times by DONG-HWAN JEONG in order to make the scene as realistic as possible while rehearsing the scene of repentance with Yoo Rahel in episode 12   .
  4. Lee MinHo accidentally injured the inside of his mouth while filming the 17 episodes of Jin Tan Bridge, which is self-defeating   .
  5. Park Shin Hye, Lee MinHo, 강민혁, Chrystal Soo Jung, and director Kang Sin-hyo are all blood type A people   .
  6. All the clothes that Lee MinHo wears in the play are purchased by him personally   .
  7. The person in charge of Mangosix Cafe, where Park Shin Hye worked part-time, said that the store’s monthly sales increased by about 65%   .
  8. Lee MinHo auctioned off dozens of costumes worn in the play, and all the proceeds from the auction were used to help the underprivileged   .
  9. Fans of Lee MinHo from many countries expressed their support with various cheers. The Japanese fan club prepared more than 100 boxes of lunch for the crew and donated 48 cans of milk powder to the child care center. Members of the American Club and South American Union members specially ordered rice cakes for the crew. South American Chile members plant trees under the name Lee MinHo. Chinese fans conveyed donations to UNICEF in the name of Lee MinHo   .
  10. Jung Yong Hwa was originally the third actor to join the show, but the agency and the production company disagreed over his role and eventually resigned.
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