Hellsing Ultimate Negative Reviews

2022-03-23 08:01
Hellsing's painting style can be said to be completely out of tune with the mainstream painting style, giving people a beast-like beauty, as well as extremely exaggerated and amplified emotions and actions.
This film describes the battle between humans and vampires, and the protagonist Alucard is a vampire, and more importantly, the protagonist can be said to be a lunatic. This film is very bloody, the battle scenes can be described as real and heroic, and the impact is extremely strong. You can see stumps and broken arms everywhere, and all kinds of dialogues are also full of deep meaning. As a monster, Alucard is eager to be killed by humans. Also sad.
As for hellsing, its biggest gimmick is bloody violence, which can be said to belong to the style of black, and everyone is cruel.  
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  • Jaida 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    The most awesome bova I've ever seen

  • Harmon 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    It's finally over... These 10 episodes of OVA are all five-stars without explanation.

Hellsing Ultimate quotes

  • Integra: [to Jan] What did you hope to accomplish here? Who's responsible for this? Start talking!

    [Jan laughs]

    Integra: Answer!

    Jan Valentine: Come on, bitch. You know; the ones who put the fucking chip in me, the chip that's sending them information letting them know we fucked up! They can hear us talking every last goddamn word! If they know I'm standing here all fucked up and dying about to tell you everything, you think they're going to let me fucking live?

    [gets set on fire]

    Jan Valentine: See, I so fucking told you! Well, since I'm fucked, how about I piss a little wisdom on you dipshits?


    Jan Valentine: You can take this clue and shove it up your ass, bitch!

    [gives them the finger]

    Jan Valentine: Beware the Millennium!


  • Jan Valentine: [Blows a puff from a cigar] Fuck these are some fine cigars, all bourgeois and shit!


    Jan Valentine: Aw, come on; that's just fucked up! People are starving in the world and she's wasting money on this! A slow and agonizing death is too good for that stick-up-her-ass bitch. I think it's about time someone gave her an old-fashioned working-class ass-kicking!

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