Hichki movie plot

2022-04-16 08:01
Naina Mather was born with Tourette's Syndrome, which makes noises similar to hiccups. She was not only ridiculed by her classmates since she was a child, she was also rejected from 12 schools when she was studying. In the end, a principal's sentence "We will treat you like other students" made Naina feel the equal treatment she had never had before, and she also planted her dream of being a good teacher in her heart   .
The 14 impoverished students in Class 9F originally attended free public schools, but because of the cooperative relationship between the government and the school, such as land leases, the Santek School accepted these impoverished students. However, what greeted them was discrimination and exclusion. Those middle- and upper-class students did not accept them at all, and teachers were prejudiced and classified them as class 9F. Therefore, these 14 poor students gave up on themselves, smoking, playing cards, and teasing their teachers in class, so they left 7 teachers one after another   .
After failing countless interviews, Naina Mather finally received an offer from her alma mater, Santek School. However, what awaited her was the 9F class, the most difficult and worst grade in the school   .
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  • Marcelle 2022-04-21 09:03:53

    Gathering his own rare illness, unresolved family knots for many years, school teachers and students, and other conflicts, there are enough drama conflicts, and there are many emotional tears. While converging to a bright ending, he also does not forget to confront the growth and gains of both sides. Although the song Moderation still appears to be too full. The mentality of Indian films is quite contradictory. On the one hand, I admire its unremitting exploration in the field of realistic themes, and its completion and visibility are good. On the other hand, it is easy to erase the real hardships and difficulties. Routine and simple chicken soup tendency, how can the gap of class differences be so easily smoothed; the bridge of the whole class standing up is overused.

  • Lukas 2022-04-19 09:03:20

    It's not a bad movie, but it's definitely bad in the same theme. The unrestrained sensational music adds features, and the earth collapses. The character settings and descriptions are so rigid that the role can be seen at a glance, so that the characters are completely reduced to the screenwriter's puppets, all of which serve the carefully calculated plot, and the plot is more like a teacher's movie smashed and then mixed. The text is just to incite the audience to cry (the children in the film are indeed somewhat cute)

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