Salyut-7 evaluation action

2022-04-16 08:01
Compared with the same type of films "Apollo 13" and "Gravity", "Salyut-7" is closer to the truth. Honesty also has its own unique flavor. The rapid passing and rotation of the spaceship in the film caused the audience to have a strong psychological and physiological response. In addition, the storyline of the film is also in line with the Chinese way of thinking and emotional line, and the story, which was bland at the beginning, becomes more and more attractive the further one looks back. This kind of plain, unpretentious, but full of connotation storytelling method is in line with the trajectory of the development of the Soviet space industry. 
"Salyut-7" has no intrigue, no beggar-thy-neighbor, no greed for life, no fear of death, and no abandonment. Some are just the recognition of perseverance and adherence to the moral code   . The lingering emotion of the film is a tribute to history, heroes and the best part of human nature. 
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