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"Stage Beauty" is co-produced by the United States, Britain and Germany. Claire Danes, who was once loved by fans for her starring role in "Romeo and Juliet", once again served as the female lead. Seventeenth-century English theatre, when all female roles were played by men. Edvard is the most famous actress in Britain, using his natural beauty and acquired skills to imitate women vividly, and is appreciated by the aristocratic upper class. However, King Charles II was tired of this kind of static performance, and the theater finally allowed real women to participate in the performance. Edward was faced with the crisis of unemployment, the exclusion and cursing of the world, the frame-up and beating of his enemies, and the embarrassment of life, which made him drift with the crowd at the bottom. , once had suicidal thoughts.
When Edward leaned on crutches to flee to the nobleman who molested him, the nobleman's shameless remarks deepened his pain. The nobles only treat him as a woman on the stage when they have sex. In the twilight, Edvard was drinking bitter wine and walking among a group of prostitutes.
Maria, who replaces him, shines on stage, but takes all the responsibility for getting Edvard back on stage. Mary asks Edward: why don't you play a man? A faint sentence of infinite affection, and more importantly, what she loves is the part of his heart that is a man. The music was flowing slowly, and under the warm sunshine, his masculinity gradually revealed. With her encouragement, Edvard chased away the woman who was occupying his body, and he began to find himself, a spiritual experience of being a man.   .
The king is coming to watch the new repertoire, she plays a woman, he plays a man, natural and pure, everything comes from the heart, the opposite scenes on the stage are expressing their deeper ideological charge, and he finally finds the essence of being a man , Integrity, bravery, strength, fortitude, in the stormy battle, she helped him kill the woman in that body with the tenacity, perseverance, gentleness and tolerance of women, thirsting for the alcohol of love~~~
Stage Beauty Stage Beauty Awards Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards(PFCS Award) 2004 Overlooked Film of the Year 
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Stage Beauty quotes

  • Nell Gwynn: A man isn't how he walks or how he speaks. It's what he does.

  • Ned Kynaston: Do you know the Five Positions of Feminine Subjugation?

    Maria: What?

    Ned Kynaston: The Five Positions of Feminine Subjugation. No? Perhaps you're more acquainted with the Pose of Tragic Acceptance. Or the Demeanor of Awe and Terror.

    Maria: Mr. Kynaston.

    Ned Kynaston: How about the Supplicant's Clasp or the Attitude of Prostrate Grief?

    Maria: Mr. Kynaston.

    Ned Kynaston: Funny, you've seen be perform them a thousand times. I'd have thought they'd taken hold.

    Maria: Mr. Kynaston!

    Ned Kynaston: Ah, well now, there's a feminine gesture. You seem to have managed the Stamp of Girlish Petulance.

    Maria: I just wanted to act. I just wanted to do what you do.

    Ned Kynaston: I have worked half my life to do what I do. Fourteen boys crammed in a cellar... Do you know when I was in training for this profession, I was not permitted to wear a woman's dress for three long years, I was not permitted to wear a wig for four - not until I had proved that I had eliminated every masculine gesture, every masculine intonation from my very being. What teacher did you learn from? What cellar was your home?

    Maria: I had no teacher, nor such a classroom. But then, I had less need of training.

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