No Direction Home: Bob Dylan interviewed

2022-04-12 08:01
The Beat Generation icon, poet Irwin Allen Ginsberg , who was 70 at the time of the interview, had been dead for eight years by the time the film was finally finished. He said in the film that he cried the first time he heard Dylan's song "It's Coming". He said he realized that the torch of the "Beat Generation" had been passed on to a younger generation.
Singer Joan Baez sings "Son of the Virgin Mary" on stage in her first film appearance. Bob Dylan saw her on TV, called her amazing, and said the girl might need a partner. Later, they met. At the Newport Music Festival in 1963, the girl invited him to sing "God is on our side" on the same stage, and they really became partners. Ironically, when Bob Dylan toured the UK two years later, Joan Baez wanted to work with him again, but Bob Dylan steadfastly refused. Bob Dylan rarely compliments others, and in the film, in addition to expressing admiration for his predecessors Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash, only Joan Baez is highly praised.
Martin Scorsese interviewed many of Bob Dylan's young friends, mostly singers. When the film was recorded, these people were already old. Some of them looked like middle class, some like proletariat, and some like intellectuals. Only Maria Maldau still looks like a singer, a singer trying to catch the tail of youth  .
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  • Jensen 2022-04-12 09:01:11

    It's embarrassing to look at it. But it was done intermittently. .

  • Emma 2022-04-12 08:01:01

    Precious record~PS: QQ video player is very powerful. I searched for a long time for subtitles to be divided into two paragraphs. .

No Direction Home: Bob Dylan quotes

  • Bob Dylan: [while reading a store sign] I'm looking for a place that will collect, clip, bath and return my dog. Kn1 7727, cigarettes and tobacco. Animals and birds bought or sold on commission. animals and birds bought or sold on commission. I want a dog that's gonna collect and clean my bath, return my cigarette, and, and give tobacco to my animals, and give my birds a commission. I want- I'm looking for somebody to sell my dog, collect my clip, buy my animal and straighten out my bird. I'm looking for a place to bathe my bird, buy my dog, collect my clip, sell me cigarrets and comission my bath. I'm looking for a place that's gonna collect my commission, sell my dog, burn my bird, and sell me to the cigarette. Going to bird my buy, collect my will, and bathe my comission. I'm looking for a place that's going to animal my soul, knit my return, bathe my foot and collect my dog. Comission me to sell my animals to the bird to clip and buy my bath and return me back to the cigarettes.

  • Allen Ginsberg: There is a very famous saying among Tibetan Buddhists: "If the student is not better than the teacher, then the teacher is a failure."

    Allen Ginsberg: It's sort of a biblical prophecy.

    Allen Ginsberg: Poetry is words that are empowered to make your hair stand on end, that you realize instantly as being some form of subjective truth that has an objective reality to it, because somebody has realized it. Then you call it poetry later.

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