No Direction Home: Bob Dylan material

2022-04-12 08:01
interspersed with footage from Murray1960s documentary From Mao to Mozart: Isaac Stern in China about Bob Dylan; and DA Pennebaker1967 documentary Cuts from "Don't Look Back" that never came to light . 
Martin Scorsese and editors used about ten hours of interview material with Dylan shot after 2000, as well as a large number of early pictures, film footage and audio recordings of Bob Dylan. Over 3 hours of documentary footage includes interviews with Bob Dylan and numerous close friends and singers from the 1960s, as well as a number of unusual live concert and studio rehearsal footage  .
The film also includes CDs, DVDs and a book. These were endorsed by Bob Dylan, documenting his accomplishments, including a 10-hour interview with Bob Dylan on camera with his agent Jeff Rosen in 2001. And Bob Dylan himself narrates the film   .
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No Direction Home: Bob Dylan quotes

  • Reporter: How many people who major in the same musical vineyard in which you toil, how many are protest singers? That is, people who use their music, and use the songs to protest the uh, social state in which we live today, the matter of war, the matter of crime, or whatever it might be.

    Bob Dylan: Um... how many?

    Reporter: Yes. How many?

    Bob Dylan: Uh, I think there's about uh, 136.

    [People around him giggle. The reporter doesn't laugh]

    Reporter: You say ABOUT 136, or you mean exactly 136?

    Bob Dylan: Uh, it's either 136 or 142.

  • Bob Dylan: We all like motorcycles to some degree.

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