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2022-07-18 22:30
New York City is the most indifferent city in the United States, no one. "High Strung", also known as "Peak Era", the movie does not have the dangerous plot of the thriller blockbuster, the action movie is violent, and there is no war movie. , In the end, I chose the standard Western male and female protagonists, with extremely standard facial features, big eyes, long eyelashes, a smile, and a well-dressed, clean, no exaggeration.
The director will appear in various high-rise buildings or Manhattan streets at various time periods of the film, and then to Central Park, Statue of Liberty , which gives me the feeling that he is shooting a landscape film, and the grandeur of the beauty of New York City. It also gave more people a better impression of New York City.
The film has high requirements for light, and there are very few dark night scenes. There are only a handful of episodes. During one period, the heroine goes to a nightclub to dance. The live band also changes with the dance. The freestyle dance also makes people feel the American bar. culture. Also reminds me of JazzJam in New Orleans. In the other part of the night, the heroine goes to the hero's house and the stairs are filled with flowers and candles. Although the romantic plot of the candlelight dinner is old-fashioned, the hero and heroine are young, wise, pure and shy. Another night was when the heroine was sad on the bed, lying in the arms of the hero, and the lights ingested the sadness in the room with a radiance. No matter in line dance, street scene, or night, there is a very strong light intake that shines on people's clean and flawless cheeks, looking at the beauty of nature. Pleasant to the eye. Including which black actors who dance in the street are also contoured to show the charm of black people.
The subway scene in the film also appeared many times. It also deeply expresses the New York City subway culture. The male and female protagonists meet in the subway, including two groups of people in the subway for a hip-hop battle, which makes you feel boiling. Among them, the violin of the male protagonist was also stolen by the bad guys, which paved the way for the male and female protagonists to walk in, and also phenotyped some negative aspects of New York City.
Music is the same as any other art, it is the same. Whether it’s hip-hop and music violin performance or drummer’s performance, the tension and ups and downs are handled seamlessly, and the most important thing in dance is the superimposition of rhythm and music rhythm to achieve harmony between man and nature. The film did it.
A good film not only needs to be thoroughly integrated into life, but also has an in-depth description of human nature. Although this film is a youth film type and the actors are not famous, this is how these actors have more personality and acting skills. Among them, at the beginning of the film, a mother sends her daughter to school. The different scenes are performed with eyes. It reminds me of many young people in China who are admitted to college and their parents send off the scene. In addition to being moved, it lies in the capture and performance of the details of life. The strictness of the teachers towards the students is also remarkable.
The last dance of the film also subverts the tradition of music and hip-hop and incorporates a tense and exciting music arrangement. I feel that it will make you feel addicted to watching it, and it will be more exciting than watching the tense and thrilling performance of America's Got Talent. Hold your breath and dare not move.
At the end, I want to say that the film is pure, youthful, clean, bright, human, and life-like. These are not the characteristics and highlights of the film, and of course the performance. When I watched it, there was always a kind of dislocation. It was not in Beijing, but in New York City. The sky was blue, and the sun kept shining into the window. Although in the indifferent New York City metropolis of reinforced concrete, I also enjoyed the natural beauty that has been missed for a long time. Thinking about the smog in Beijing tomorrow, I feel inexplicably sad. 
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