I Live in Fear movie plot

2022-05-10 20:26
An elderly but energetic factory owner, Kiichi Nakajima, buys a plot of land to build a basement to protect against nuclear fallout after hearing about the hydrogen bomb experiment in the United States. Later, he heard that the Soviet Union was also conducting a hydrogen bomb experiment, and that radioactive dust could blow to Japan from the north, so he gave up the plan to build a basement and planned to move his family to Brazil. The people around him thought he was worrying and making a fuss. The family vehemently opposed his plans and petitioned the court to bar him from dealing with family property, citing insane insanity. In order to cut off his family's back, Kiichi Nakajima set fire to his factory, but he did not expect that this move would lead to the unemployment of workers. Kiichi Nakajima ends up going crazy and ends up in a mental hospital  .
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Extended Reading
  • Adolphus 2022-05-10 16:43:26

    I didn't expect Kurosawa to trust Mifune so much. This old Mifune, who has always used "excessive" as a symbol of acting skills, is still very convincing.

  • Melba 2022-05-10 13:15:16

    The 13th Kurosawa film I watched. . . 7 is good and 6 is bad. . . Such a director is strange. . The rest of you who haven't seen it won't get any better. . . Only people who have eaten nuclear bombs know what this movie is about. . . After watching it for 20 minutes, it felt wrong. . The whole thing is unacceptable to the protagonist's behavior. . . You can go. . . If your son doesn't leave, you will burn down the factory. . . . Is this anti-nuclear or dictatorship? . .

I Live in Fear quotes

  • Jiro Nakajima: My father's scheme is simply a castle in the air. He wants to buy a farm there, but he has no dollars at all. Emigration is being encouraged if it is constructive, but he's running away from Japan because he is afraid. Will he get any dollars? No. I went to the Finance Ministry and verified it. In short, this plan is bound to end up like his underground house.

  • Jiro Nakajima: [to Kiichi] You see, I obtained a Court Order forbidding disposal of our assets. Until the case is decided, we can't spend a yen. Yet you did this. And what you did was illegal. Your objection will be overruled.

    Toyo Nakajima: But Father brought back the money.

    Jiro Nakajima: Don't accept it.

    [Sue throws a paper at Jiro. Jiro throws the paper back. Kiichi gets up and beats Jiro]

    Jiro Nakajima: Wait! Wait, Father!

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