Rififi evaluation action

2022-01-29 08:06
The climax of "Rififi" is in "theft". This nearly 30-minute paragraph has no lines and no music. Only the director takes pains to describe the theft process in great detail. Jules Dassin has shaped the thief into a craftsman and an artist, while The audience also has admiration for these criminals in the process of watching   .
"Rififi" can be regarded as the masterpiece of Dassin's noir films. After he was away from the shackles of Hollywood, he transformed his sharp criticism into an allegorical essay character, using an out-of-control theft to tell the story of people It is difficult to avoid encounters in the world, and he uses his role as a traitor to satirize the blacklist maker. At the end of the film, the hero escorts his friend's son home with his last breath in the 73 sub-shots, which is suffocating, showing Da Xin's mastery   .
"Rififi" is an American noir film with French origin. The most famous thing is that there is no dialogue and no soundtrack for 30 minutes. The film is full of respect for the work of theft   .
"Rififi" exaggerates the core action of theft. The protagonist's action reflects an ideal and extremely masculine code of conduct and moral standards in the 1950s. The four characters form a powerful relationship, which will not be absolutely stable. There are two groups of contrasts in the film, Mario, who would rather die than betray his friends, and Caesar, who is on the contrary, Joe, who is lost, and Tony who is calm. In this contrast of right and wrong, life and death, strength and cowardice, human The complex side is clearly visible. The film pays attention to details. There are many smiling descriptions of life-like scenes in the film. These are more brilliant and exciting than the climax scenes of the long paragraphs. The most touching thing for the audience is that the director's relationship with Tony and Madhu is imminent. Depiction of Stop   .
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Extended Reading
  • Destini 2022-01-29 08:05:54

    Four men stole jewelry with a delicate method. However, one person took the wrong step, and he was complacent and distracted. It is difficult to escape from trouble, and betray your trust and betray your fellow comrades. One man and one woman died first, keeping silent about the jewelry. Alone and calmly looking for the traitor, a shot rang out to clear the door. The dog jumps off the wall and ties a son, saving lives is not a father's fault. In the end, the duel narrowly won, and he was seriously injured and drove away. Hundreds of millions of cash are thrown into the house, and all the battles between men are lost.

  • Jeffery 2022-01-29 08:05:54

    I have to sigh that Jules Dassin was able to make such a complete and wonderful police and gangster film in the 1950s. Most of the police and gangster films that were popular in Hong Kong in the 1980s and 1990s were just localized transformations of the film: gangsters, dancers, robbery of jewelry stores, these familiar elements appeared again and again in Hong Kong police and gangster films. In addition to the design of the action scenes that pay more attention to viewing, the rest is completely left by Daxin.

Rififi quotes

  • Mario Ferrati: Now Ida and me can try out beds in all the chic hotels.

  • Newspaper Salesman: Read all about it! 240 million! Biggest take since the Sabine women!

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