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2022-03-17 08:01
The story of this film comes from the short story of the same name published by the late author Philip K. Dick in 1953. Dick is the author of the original novels of the sci-fi action films "Total Recall" and " 2020 ". His works are newly adapted and put on the screen. " Minority Report ", directed by Steven Allan Spielberg and starring Thomas Cruise Mapother IV , is expected to be released early this year, so it is not difficult to see the shadow of the above two films in this film, perhaps, plus some " The Fugitive " plot , so we can call it a "story where '2020' had to 'The Fugitive' in order to evoke its own 'total memory'".
"impostor" was originally one of the sci-fi films "The Light Years Trilogy". According to the original plan of Dimen Company, the "Light" film will consist of three directors each making a short film to form "Light Years Trilogy". Trilogy," which includes "Alien Love Triangle," which will be directed by Danny Boyle, among others. However, this plan was delayed due to various reasons, but Miramax Films took a fancy to the 30-minute short film, and took it out separately and reprocessed it into a feature film. Fate is not good, it is estimated that the audience can only enjoy the fragments of "impostor" when it is released on DVD in the future.
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  • Enrico 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    It would be better if you changed a few actors.

  • Rosalia 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    It is called "Strong Colony Invasion" on Tencent. Does the major have any proof that the male protagonist is an alien? He said that aliens are exactly like humans, they have memories, bodies, and all characteristics are the same as the original people. Isn't it possible that everyone is aliens, then he How do you judge that the male protagonist is an alien, what will he do if the heart is not an alien? If the heart is a bomb, it's better to take an X-ray. In the end, it means that the male protagonist and his wife are actually aliens? Is the body dead? Did it explode at the end? a bit messy

Impostor quotes

  • Spencer Olin: I am Spencer Olham, you crazy fuck!

  • Major D.H. Hathaway: Memories, senses, knowledge - you pilfered them all.

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