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2022-03-17 08:01
"impostor" was promoted as "the most exciting sci-fi suspense film of the year", but according to professional film critics who have seen the demo, the plot setting of the film, especially the chase scene, lacks the kind of close call in "The Fugitive" , the breathless sense of urgency at key moments, and the suspenseful atmosphere that makes people anxious from beginning to end, in addition to these, some details are unreasonable even for ordinary audiences. It is obvious, such as such a dangerous felon It's a bit too much of a joke, right? And we need to know whether our male protagonist is an alien or not. In fact, we only need to do a simple test to find out the truth, but no one in the whole film seems to have thought of doing this test for him, including the protagonist himself, but it takes a lot of trouble . To look for other evidence, the omission of details will inevitably reduce the authenticity of the film.
Gary Sinise , the star of the film , is a big supporting actor. We have seen his not handsome but distinctive face in many films. Like many supporting actors, Sinise is known for his acting skills. As early as 10 years ago, he In the film "Man and the Mouse", a small person who is struggling to survive in the lower social class is portrayed in a nutshell. Over the years, whether it is the unpaid astronaut in "Apollo 13", or the unhappy one in "Mars Mission". The widower, or the sinister and scheming bad policeman in "Ransom Storm", all made him play well. You may not remember his name, but you will definitely remember the roles he played. In this film, his personal The performance is still quite good, and critics describe him as: Even though most of the film's scenes are in the dark night, but Sinise is still brilliant.
In the more authoritative film review columns in the United States, the score of this film is not high, about 2.5 points (5 points out of 5), but people also generally think that the ending of the film is very innovative, which is quite different from most The unexpected feeling, coupled with the exquisite stunt scenes and some cool sci-fi elements, is still worth watching.
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  • Rudy 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    Dick's novels often use a simple concept to create an unsolvable dilemma for the protagonist. This one involves the dilemma of self-awareness. If you cannot prove that you are yourself, then you are not yourself. Although the scene of the film is simple, the creation of the horror atmosphere is still in place. The details of the hospital stealing medicine and the black man at the end saying I don't know if I know him are also more finishing touches.

  • Constantin 2022-03-20 09:03:08

    Another self-perceived sci-fi movie is still underestimated. Changing the cast may not be so unpopular.

Impostor quotes

  • Major D.H. Hathaway: ...and when I'm not happy, no one's happy.

  • Major D.H. Hathaway: Oh, I see you've learned to patronize, as well.

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